NARSTCO Steel Railroad Ties and Turnouts

NARSTCO manufacturers steel ties and turnout sets. Assembly, installation, maintenance and life-cycle savings make NARSTCO steel ties and turnout sets the most cost-effective option for track, turnout and yard applications - for Class I railroads, short line railroads and industrial rail plants. We hold the No.1 market share of steel railroad tie products supply in North America. NARSTCO has earned this position through a dedication to provide our customers with superior products, in field service, excellence in engineering and a commitment to service. We are the technology leader in the steel railway tie product industry.

NARSTCO steel railroad track and turnout tie sets provide a solution to the problems railways are facing in the 21st century. Steel railroad track and turnout ties extend other track component life and operate with optimal efficiency under the most adverse conditions. NARSTCO steel railroad track and turnout ties are installed with less cost, labor and material; and most importantly are proven effective.

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