NARSTCO stands alone as the leading manufacturer of steel ties and turnout sets in North America. Assembly, installation, maintenance and life-cycle savings make NARSTCO steel ties and turnout sets the most cost-effective option for track, turnout and yard applications - for Class I railroads, short line railroads and industrial rail plants.

With a return on investment that exceeds any alternative, high-quality NARSTCO steel ties and turnout sets deliver a wide range of advantages:

   • Simpler and quicker to assemble and install
   • Maintain track gauge and provide ease of transposing throughout curves
   • Can be interspersed with wood ties to strengthen track structure
   • Design allows for ballast depth to achieve same load-bearing capabilities
   • Less expensive to transport and easier to handle
   • Minimal maintenance requirements
   • Extend the life of frogs, points and other track components
   • Fewer ties required for any length of track
Brochure    • Maximum strength, durability and support
   • Resistant to damage, corrosion and deterioration
   • Environmentally friendly - 100 percent recyclable

Short lines, Turnouts, Class Ones - it all adds up to big savings for railroads and industrial plants that switch to NARSTCO steel ties and turnout sets!