Environmental issues are becoming an increasing concern in our society today. From industrial applications to Class One Railways, steel ties are the proven environmentally correct substitute for the traditional wood tie.

The steel tie, a recyclable tie, lowers lifecycle costs and unlike creosote treatment is environmentally friendly.

Steel ties: Eliminate any of the potential health risks associated with the handling of wood ties.

   • NARSTCO Steel Ties and Turnout Sets are harmless to the environment
   • NARSTCO Steel Ties incorporate recycled materials in their manufacturing process
   • NARSTCO Steel Ties and Turnout Sets eliminate the need for creosote as well as spikes, gauging, anchors and tie plates
   • NARSTCO Steel Tie System eliminates the need for handling the heavy tie plates used with wood ties thus increasing worker safety
   • NARSTCO Steel Ties and Turnout Sets outlast the wooden tie
   • NARSTCO Steel Ties and Turnout Sets are 100% recyclable, thus have scrap value

Our NARSTCO Steel Ties and Turnouts Sets are an environmentally responsible, economically smart choice for the railroads of the 21st century.