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NARSTCO Steel Track Ties

NARSTCO can provide a cost effective choice for railways using the beneficial characteristics of steel track ties. Lower costs come from reduced material needed for installation, reduced maintenance requirements, and a resistance to degradation or damage. The long service life of steel track ties coupled with the quality provided by NARSTCO will improve lifecycle costing for any rail system. North American railways are amongst the most demanding in the world, and steel track ties have been proving their worth for over one hundred years.

   • M8
   • M10
   • H10
   • H12

Pocket Guide For Steel Tie Use and Maintenance

NARSTCO Turnout Tie Sets

With a proven track record of over fifteen years in North American service, steel turnout ties have been used in mainline, yard, and fueling facility applications. They are repairable, able to withstand derailment damage and are immune to degradation from rot.

Steel turnout tie sets can be installed with existing Maintenance of Way equipment. All steel tie turnout sets come complete with specified fastenings, hardware and easy to follow assembly and installation instructions.

NARSTCO steel turnout tie sets are ideal for any railway concerned about lifecycle costing: Every steel turnout tie sets produced by NARSTCO undergoes rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process and is inspected in its entirety prior to shipping, ensuring consistent quality control; steel turnout ties offer an extended service life, and lower costs are attributable to reduced installation and maintenance costs, less material needed and immunity to damage.

   • Railroads
   • Class Ones
   • Short Lines
   • Industrial

Faster. Stronger. More economical. Ease of installation, greater durability and maximum cost efficiency are making NARSTCO steel ties the new material of choice.