NARSTCO Steel Track Ties

NARSTCO can provide a cost effective choice for railways using the beneficial characteristics of steel track ties. Lower costs come from reduced material needed for installation, reduced maintenance requirements, and a resistance to degradation or damage. The long service life of steel track ties coupled with the quality provided by NARSTCO will improve lifecycle costing for any rail system. North American railways are amongst the most demanding in the world, and steel track ties have been proving their worth for over one hundred years.

M8 - M10 Steel Track Ties



 Speed MPH:




 Class 1 Track

 Passenger 15
 Freight 10

 Light branch line
 Flat storage yard tracks
 Industrial yards



 3 - 10 MGTM
 Class 2 Track

 Passenger 30
 Freight 25

 Yard Tracks
 Sidings / passing tracks
 Interspersed with wood ties
 Industrial tracks
 Encased in concrete

   • M8 Crossing Tie Blueprint
   • M10 Crossing Tie Blueprint

H10 - H12 Steel Track Ties



 Speed MPH:




 10 - 25 MGTM
 Class 3 Track

 Passenger 60
 Freight 40

 Yard Leads
 Turnout Tie Sets
 Grade Crossings



 No Limits
 Class 4 - 5 Track

 No Limits

 Ballast Deck Bridges
 Premium Turnouts

   • H10 Crossing Tie Blueprint
   • H12 Crossing Tie Blueprint